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Breed Association Management Software

Our all-inclusive breed association management software will make association management more efficient, faster and more useful for association staff and members.

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Herd Management Software

With our herd management software, we provide the tools for you to manage your commercial or registered herd in the most efficient, effective way possible.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Offline Data Capture

Our CowSide™ App connects to your EID readers and scale transmitters via Bluetooth to give you effortless, real-time data entry.

Continuous Growth & Updates

You ask and we listen. That’s why we are constantly updating our software and revamping our products to give you the very latest technology.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay current with real-time tracking tools.

We Take Security Seriously

You are trusting us with valuable herd data, so we take it seriously. We are constantly improving our security measures to make sure we are providing you with the best.

Intuitive Reporting Tools

Interpreting herd data can be complicated, we have intuitive reporting tools with built-in equations that do the thinking for you.

Third Party Data Integration

Easily upload existing herd data to quickly get started with your new herd management tools.

What our clients say

Not only is DigitalBeef® a must for the Association, it was designed with the rancher in mind to help them manage their herd.- Janie Bain of American Akaushi Association
Doug Newcom of National Swine Registry recommended that we get in touch with your organization. Doug explained that, as the former CEO of the Brangus Association, you (Dr. Joe Massey, Founder and President of DigitalBeef®) have an intimate knowledge regarding the interactions between livestock registries and their administrators. We certainly appreciate someone who 'knows the biz'!- Andrea Detweiler, Volunteer of Percheron Horse Association of America
The American Akaushi Association made the move to DigitalBeef® a little over 2 years ago. It is a perfect fit for us. Not only does it handle the standard recording and transferring of animals but it is invaluable in managing our DNA testing and tracking the Whole Herd Reporting assessments.- Janie Bain of American Akaushi Association